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really impressive for the amount of time it took you. You still thinking of a full game? I am totally down for that lol

i wanna play it too :)


You should!!


I honestly got so burnt out on this game that I'll need some time before considering going back to it haha. But don't worry, I have cooler projects in the works anyway :)

man I feel it. You don't want to spread yourself too thin


Thanks for the short but sweet Cosmic Horror Blast!

Loved it Matt! would love to see this expanded on.

Thank you for posting! Left a comment on your video :)

MATT I AM GETTING TO THIS GAME SOO LATE lol You emailed me then life happened but im here now so I hope that counts! Looking forward to new projects as always, and obviously NEMESIS!

Awesome game as always Matt, you did a great job, even though it was short i had a great time and the designs were fantastic.

I finally managed to get round to playing & uploading Project Blood Crystal I hope you enjoy it. It never stops to amaze me just how maticulous you are Matt with your designs & I certainly think that watching you make this day after day on twitch has helped me understand a lot about your process. 

Ideally I had some other things in mind for the intro but after having a few issues outside of work & talking to you, I think it was best I left it. Regardless, here is my video for your enjoyment.


Thanks so much for posting, Aaron. This is still above and beyond what I would expect from a playthrough. The intro was awesome!

Amazing as usual! Every game, every time is a solid experience. Outstanding 10 days of work mate! Looking forward to future developments of your upcoming projects! 

This was so good! Visually stunning, terrifying enemies, and a fluid combat system. This was ex extremely well made for just 10 days of work! Here's my playthrough:

As you know(dev) I played it and enjoyed the game for what it is which is very good for a game done in a short period of time. Matt does a good job with every game/demo he puts out, something that is rarely said in this genre of games.

My experience:

Thanks so much for posting!

Really cool for being made in only 10 days. Mr. Reeves you've done it again!

Thank you! Really loved the video!

MATT! How do you come up with these terrifying creatures every time lol Another great and terrifying game! Can't wait to play Project Nemesis :) This is the final game in my 3 scary games video! 

Thanks for posting! I just reach into the dark corners of my brain and pull out whatever I find :)

Finally got around to playing it. This was VERY good and I really enjoyed it. The story (As always) a little confusing around the edges, but I hope I got a pretty good understanding of it. If you're scrolling through here and wondering if this game is worth a play, click this one and you'll have your answer. Thanks for making another incredible game Matt. keep it up bro! 


Thank you for posting! I really loved your video, as always :)

game was good though i didn't know the story and it was made in 10 days! to me that's amazing keep that determination on fire!

Thanks so much for posting!

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Matt, did a dentist wrong you in some way? Aside from the monsters, the entire hellscape is jagged white crystals coming out of red, meaty ground. You always have a lot of mouth-related horror going on.

DEFINITELY like the Doom-ish ending, though.

Cool game. I like the monster designs. I had a weird graphical bug and managed to get out of the map. 

Веселая игра.А в чем смысл ?

Спасибо за игру! Я сделал это за 10 дней для игрового джема, так что это всего лишь предварительный просмотр того, чем он станет. Я надеюсь выпустить обновление в ближайшее время!

good game. skip to 13:25


Thank you for posting! Hope you had fun :)

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Great game! not bad!

Thank you!

Had a good time with this! Thanks for the fun Matt :D! 

P.S: I think I could do some interesting voice overs for your hug monster ;D


Thanks for posting here, it helps me out big time!

I will absolutely keep you in mind for voice acting, although, I like to do all the creatures myself, haha. That's one of my favorite parts!

Hey, I dont blame you! We like to keep VOs within our domain as well when making games! Thanks for the fun again!

Thanks for an awesome game Matt!  I had fun playing it!  Amazing what you can get done it such a short amount of time, and I will be looking forward your future projects.  

Thank you so much for posting, Ron! I greatly appreciate it!

Since I missed the ending before I put it in the video and I'm really glad I Came back to it!! however If you reading this haven't I recommend you play the game yourself for the full experience!

Start time is 16:52

Secondarily here is the first part starting at 8:25


Thanks for following up! Glad you enjoyed the ending :)

The monster really reminds me of the rake. Interesting world as well for a game made in 10 days. Though I wish the shotgun and pistol had some 'punch' in its audio part.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played.


Thanks for posting! Left you a comment on the channel.

I like the infinite pellet gun ammo.

Haha yeah, I know... fixing that... Thanks for posting!

Gave it a go...


Gave it a watch... and a comment... :)

You are a master of designing uncanny valley terrifying monsters! this was a great gross game jam!

your game starts at 8:25

Thanks dude! Definitely check out the comment I left you on the video, because you missed the best part!

Yay a new one. This was pretty cool and i hope you carry on with it. Ran really well with great sound and music as usual. Nice models and when mr big hands gets faster towards you adds even more to the wooohhhh factor. Great work Matt... :)

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. Really only had to time to build a concept for this one, so I'm excited to expand it.