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There is a lot of meaning behind this game & listening to your podcast made me realise how much this project means to you. It's almost a visual love letter to your wife. Thank you for sharing on itchio, & I am very glad I decided to play it & give it a go. I hope I did it some justice especially hearing what this means to you. Enjoy the 

Thanks so much! I very much enjoyed your video.

kmhusky, the offical Nemeses discord is now open to everyone. Why don't you drop by?

I didnt want to post on the nemeses page but wanted to tell you that I'm so sorry that I cant help with a high tier patreon support!! If i could afford it I'd happily do the 50 a month because I think you deserve it. I just havent had a job in 2 months. I cant even do the 25 right now I'm so broke and in debt. Anyways I'm going to buy the demo and play it. I look forward to it! Just know if I can I'll do the 50 asap, I'll start off with 10 when I start getting money rolling regularly. Best of luck and great job!!

Hey buddy, no worries at all. I really, sincerely appreciate that. It means a lot to me to know that other people are really excited about this project. Just do your thing. Don't worry about the money, I would rather you take care of yourself. If you're at a place in the future where you're financially comfortable, then sure, but don't put yourself into more debt! Thank you for sharing that with me. You've been super supportive!

you are my favorite indie horror game dev so of course imma support you lol I just bought the demo and will try to play and record it tonight!! Also I have a pretty unique concept for a horror game I'd love to share with you sometime and maybe work on together

Wow, I'm honored to be your favorite! Can't wait to see the video. I'd love to hear your idea, but I'll warn you, I'm already backed up on projects, so taking on a new one anytime soon isn't really possible. Definitely feel free to share it with me anyway, and we can talk about it! You can shoot me an email at if you'd like!

Check out the comment above yours, and come join the NEMESES Discord. It'd be great to have you!

Cool game to play, even thought I've had a few trouble playing its I've had a good time. 

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Thanks! I'll check it out.

I'm really sorry that I couldn't do this game the justice it deserved! I'm so sorry!

Hey man, no worries at all. Even though you didn't get the actual experience, I really appreciated all the encouragement and kind words. I really enjoyed listening. I'll see what I can do about recording it myself and sending it to you, so you can at least see the story and have a better idea of what the game is really like. Thanks for giving it a shot!