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This was a great time! Awesome!

Hey there! Just wanted to say thank you and that I love the idea and creepy feel I got playing this game. I hope to see more content from you in the future!

me gusto pero creo que me proyecte bastante al darle un significado, sobre todo a el monstruo, me gustaría tener una buena plática sobre el tema.

Another great game. This sit he video I made on it 

Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yet another great game! As always, the character design is perfect! This had a surreal feel to it and I found my own meaning behind the story, although I'm sure i missed the mark a bit lol. Here's my playthrough:

I really enjoyed this short. The message I pulled from it really hits home. Good work. Thanks so much!

Yet another great game by Matt Reeves Productions, after playing two lines and watching his video for nemeses i saw two other games i have not played by this creator.

I am again taken back by the creativity and uniqueness of the game which again carries a "hidden meaning" of sorts , i will be playing both "look for me" and the nemeses demo very soon! 

Feed back for this game is all positive the music is spot on this would make a great game if it was fleshed out and find out more about "her" and more about how "he keeps me here" this feels like a nostalgic dream sequence before an awakening, a must play!

A fun little game with a good atmosphere. We liked it very much.

Short but enjoyable little game. Great atmosphere and music. The creature outside, just standing there was pretty creepy.

Thanks so much for playing!


Fantastic game! Really deep but manages to relay a message without shoving it down the audience's throats. Beautiful and thrilling, definitely convinced us to consider checking out your other games! Thank you for this masterpiece.


Thank you so much for playing! Really enjoyed the video!

Thanks likewise for the game, and for checking us out! Keep doing great things :)

Love love love love love this game!!!! You have done a damned fine job with this and you've managed to tell a great story without actually telling a story which is really impressive


Thank you so much for the kind words!

This game is a GEM.

Hey Matt, I really enjoyed this. It always amazes me how much thought goes into the design of your games. The audio is very clever *NO SPOILERS* and I like how you find ways to create meaning & it's never just "here isd a monster, here is a setting, go have fun". There is ALWAYS a purpose & design choice in what you do & it really goes a long way. I hope I got the idea behind the game in my summary at the end :)

we love the idea of the game! short sweet and thought prevoking. im just a potato gamer and thought i broke the game! nonetheless awesome game

Gave it a go...

Scared my pants right off! That said, i'd love to know what the story was about, 'cause it isn't very obvious at any point in-game. My first thought was maybe this creature represents depression or something similar, which the title would make sense with that in mind. I loved where this was developing, and the scare build-up was pretty good. Definitely worth a play and looking forward to future endeavors! 

Je crois qu’ici c’est nos vices (démons intérieurs) qui nous déconnecte de la réalité et c’est l’amour qui nous ramène dans le droit chemin <3 j’ai bien aimé le jeu

very fun and scary game wish it was longer cant wait for more of you games!!

Really cool game! Made me think and was strange but I loved it! 

this was wack maaaaaan. I loved it. 

Deep and interesting. Cool game :)

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Awesome game!  I enjoyed playing this alot.  The game definitely felt like a story your suppose to like figure out as you keep playing more of this game  instead of the game just explaining everything to you.  :) 

i had a lot of  fun with this game even though i think it's too deep for me lol

i liked the music i think it fit the scenario very well :D

Me ha dado mucha intriga la descripcion y una vez jugado una grata sorpresa ha estado muy bien. Buen juego.

Al aire libreAl aire libre

fun little game

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Creepy man, smashing mirrors, a seperated love = GREAT GAME! Great Work

Smash that like button. Smash that mirror. Smash everything! We're trapped and we can't get out!

What happened to the video? I would love to watch it!

Crap! I forgot scheduled videos can’t be viewed even with a link sorry! It comes out tomorrow at 2pm est! :)

Oh, wonderful! Thanks :)

A nice but very short game. Well made for six days and has a great little twist to it. Music fits the game well and had no problems with it. Great job... :)

Enjoyed this game Thanks for you efforts developer

Cool game. I didn't really understand the story, but it was well done. 

Neat game.  I enjoyed it!  Check out my video on YouTube!

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here is my streamed playthrough of it I loved it well packaged and executed sorry to hear you missed your deadline 

This was an interesting play. I'd love to see you do more with the monster in the future. I get in this game it wouldn't fit the theme you were going for ((which I won't spoil so others can get the experience :P))

Your game starts at the 7:35 mark

Loved the design at the beginning, the impact that certain parts have, and hell even the package delivery scared the crap out of me. I feel like the monster the character sees/talks of is depression, and almost like himself is holding him back from being the person she deserves, but I can totally see where it's up to personal interpretation.

Keep making stuff, man.
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i love this short story! thank u :**

Thank you so much! I didn't expect it to get played so fast, so I clearly need to update the description.

I wanted to mention that this game was made in about 6 days, and was intended for the Epic MegaJam, but unfortunately I ran into an error trying to package the game at the last hour and couldn't submit it. So I'm happy to see that at least someone checked it out. Thanks again, I'm so happy you loved it! Expect far better, less glitchy games from me in the future!

Also, one last thing. Could you share your thoughts on the atmosphere, creepiness, gameplay, or whatever comes to mind? I'm curious to know what kind of perception this game gets, since I slaved over it for a week and didn't really have the time to have people test it for me. I'm especially curious what you thought of the story, and if it was interesting, or too confusing.

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like it ... I like song that used ..but did you try the song? ,, I liked broken mirror scene and very interesting! feeling like a dream that pretends reality or simulates it