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Really good game. I cant wait to see the full version!

I don't think I've ever been later to a party than this, but... The game was so impressive I couldn't resist leaving my own praise here. Outstanding atmosphere, sound design, and of course, creature design. Thanks for sharing this gem with us! And cheers to its future.


Thanks so much for posting, I left you a comment! Also, I love that you used that image for the thumbnail, and the blue tint looks really nice!

Masterpiece! Can't wait for the full release. ;))  5/5

Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it :)

I finally got around to checking this game out! I totally meant to play this a while back but it just completely slipped my mind somehow. It's crazy that this is an alpha demo. It feels like it could be it's own short horror experience already. It's hard to believe that you're able to make stuff like this completely on your own! The ambiance, atmosphere, sounds, the monster, the environment, everything is very well done. I'd just like to ask that an option to turn down the graphics be added for us with not so great computers lol. I kind of had a hard time running it. That's the biggest reason I didn't finish it. I can't wait to see an update though. This looks like it's going to be awesome!

Matt..... You ok bro? You need a good psych? I'm jk. But that is one hell of a game! The only things that I  was not a fan of was the dead end where I   couldn't get out, and I  think I  despawned  the monster at some point. Otherwise, this is fantastic. This is on my wish list.

Excuse the short video....I really suck at mazes 

Hi, i REALLY enjoyed your game. and I want you to check out the video i made on it. It’s only 10 minutes so i Hope you could spare some time and watch it. The link of the video -


Pour les Francophones !

Gud game I gotta say 👏👏👏


Ah, thanks man :)))


Thanks for making this game Matt, your game has genuinely scared my soul away,  one of a very few to actually do that.  It was a combination of everything done right that had that effect on me, the music is so absorbing, my memories of enjoying the typical children´s playground, the panic of not getting out (psychological well done) and not finding the exit, the misleading halls and colors, the freaking terrifying music +  the clown when IT appears, really great job, everything that you see in the video is 100% real.




Oh, thank you so much! Leaving a comment on your YouTube video!

The production values are absolutely top-notch, but I don't really enjoy the running away through near-identical hallways aspect.  I definitely see promise and hope that this continues to improve and expand.  I'm excited to see a full demo.

Thank you! Yes, I completely agree. The official demo is coming out later this year, and will be far less mazey, and the areas will be much more distinct. Thanks so much for playing!

Is this still being worked on? I can't wait to play the finished product, this game is so COOL

Thank you Kain!! Yes, I'm actually working on it right now. Should have an official demo out before the year is over, which will be a completely new experience, with way more to do. Thank you for checking in!

I have never gotten this much anxiety from a game why do i still love it

this game was too much for me. couldnt complete it...i hope you guys enjoy the video!

Gave it a go...

hey matt this game genuinally scared me. i enjoyed the claustrophobic atmosphere, i think the best thig about this game is music it adds so much tension to an already spooky game.

I needed new pants anyway 

Honestly can't wait for the full game 😱😱😱

Holy crap. From the styled opening. To the sheer terror I felt. Heart was in my mouth pretty quickly. Just suddenly disapearing from my room. ( The detail was amazing from the beginning by the way if horror games all together could be art you have the talent)  you then quickly make my child memories of bouncy castles and balloon animals scary. Then the laugh...  and getting lost and... when I finally completed the game. I can safely say I am scared you are in my head because these are like my nightmares. As I said before. GENUIS! 


Yes! Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of that. I'm really trying to make memorable experiences, so I am always stoked when someone has an experience like yours. I'm definitely playing off of the "safety" of childhood places, and turning them into a killing floor. Seems to do something special psychologically. And you're one of many people who have told me that my games remind them of their nightmares, and I think that's so cool. I draw so much influence from past dreams and nightmares that I've had, so it's awesome to make that connection with other people. Great minds dream alike perhaps :) Again, thank you for checking out my games and saying such nice things about them!

Keep it up man. You have a massive fan here, I look forward to so much more. An art am telling you. Been watching other youtubers play them too, when I have money behind me to support you I  will.  Horror has always been my favourite genere of gaming and after playing two lines, I had to track you down, and I am so glad I did. I have nightmares every night but for once these even feel cathartic. Glad to have found these works and look forward to more. Amazing. 


As predicted this was genuinely scary, i got  a little lost which is good because it makes you use your fight or flight responses, when he appears it's creepy and terrifying and the laugh in your ears as he is chasing you , this game is an absolute thriller. I cant wait to see what else is in store for this game it certainly has left an impression! All your games are so unique and this one like the others stands out in it own unique way 😊

Definitely scarier than TWO LINES

looking forward to the updates for NEMESES.

yeah i played it yesterday, keep up the hard work Matt Reeves.


Wonderful as always Matt <3 

Dang clowns 😡

This is seriously one of the most frightening games I've ever played. Across the board, a spectacular game. Here's my playthrough:


Thank you for posting!

This game shows a LOT of promise! I LOVE the art direction, like the music, animations in the menu and the character design! 

I can see that this is a project you're really passionate about, and as soon as I have the money spare I will be becoming a patreon! 

Here's my video for anyone interested: 

Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate that. So great to see people getting excited about this. Any kind of support is appreciated, even if you're just telling people about it. But it would also be amazing to have you as a patron. Thanks for posting!

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the game is pretty good. pretty damn freaky as well

Thank you!!

I think I got VERY lucky in finding the escape!! I had geared myself for hours of frantic wandering!! I love this so I'm SUPER excited about when this is expended, I'll definitely be playing more!!

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I was able to spot the Clown at the beginning and I finished the game without getting chased by the clown (3rd time and only because setting the gamma high) he only came after me when I was at the exit.

The game ran poorly for me but that's because of my gaming laptop that almost is at it's end.

Can't wait for the actual demo and hopefully at some point the full game that hopefully is 10 hours long :)

I guess I totally forgot to reply, sorry about that! Anway, thank you! Great job avoiding the clown, that's impressive. I'm really trying to get the demo out by the end of the year, so keep an eye out for that!

What about the hardware requirements of the game?

I haven't really had the time to test it on other systems, so recommended would be what I have, which is a GTX 1080ti. Did you test it out on your PC?

Works on 1060

I've got an i7 2.2 GHz and I can Play the game which ~4 FPS so unfortunately I can't Play it fluently...

But however, the game is really awesome! Please don't stop working on it!

Can I just say that the title screen is incredible... 

Wow, thank you so much! I worked very hard to make it as such.

Also,I just looked at your game Lore, and I'm bummed that it hasn't gotten any attention; it looks super cool! When I get a chance, I'm going to play it.

Thanks! I’ve been trying to get it out but I don’t know how.

Is it tagged "horror"? All of my games have done really well, except for the one not tagged horror, haha. Apparently that's the main reason people come to itchio.

it is tagged horror. It was just bad luck I assume

That sucks! Well I'll play it soon and let you know what I think. 

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I am really looking forward to see the next features to be shown on this game as this is a incredible game that i really love the look of and the gameplay is incredible. I really like how the clown follows you at a very slow pace and you are running through a maze like Funhouse which is like an exact copy of one of my nightmares. 

Too many indie games get left behind or forgotten but I have extremely high hopes that this game will be loved by everyone.  This is way too amazing to be forgotten. 

I do wish you the best of luck in your journey of creating this game and all other games that you work on but this has to be my favourite indie game by far because it is like an exact replica of a nightmare that I once had but I can defeat in real life whilst still dealing that dream-like fear but knowing that I can win. 

One piece of advice I recommend is adding in a key to collect from a dead guard to unlock the clown's exit to stop people from exiting the room too quickly by accident. 

By the way the intro to the game is perfect and gives Resident Evil vibes. 

Hey MrDevCat,

Thank you so much for such an amazing review! I really appreciate the kind words. By far your favorite indie game? Wow, that's so cool. As far as dreams go, this game draws influence from several dreams and nightmares I've had over the years. The main environment, which hasn't been revealed yet, is straight out of some really obscure dream I had years ago. It's really neat to hear you had a dream just like this. I love when that happens, especially because it gives you a really unique connection to the game. I'd love to hear more about it if you're willing to share. And I actually won't be putting any keys in this game, since that's a trope that I feel has been sorely overused. I want to design this game in such a way that people could speed run it once they've played through it and learned the environments. It's funny you mention Resident Evil, because I love playing the original Director's Cut, taking my time, but then after I unlock special weapons, I love just blasting through it as fast as I can. Anyway, thanks again for being so supportive. Don't worry; I am absolutely going to finish this game! Keep an eye peeled for the official demo coming later this year.

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Same I love doing that too but sometimes for some reason I end up taunting them with the weakest weapon that I have.

My dream was where I was running through a lab trying to out run a axe wielding maniac with a scar across his left eye and a grin that made them look like this was everyday fun for him and then I ran through a door that had symbols on it in a circle and it was blood red, I came out the other side and the door vanished leaving me in the fun house, I came across the clown and ran around in circles through the place until I found the part that got me around the clown who was walking slowly not too far away from me with a knife, I made it to the exit door but not before the clown stabbed me in the shoulder as I went through into, you guessed it, McDonald's. I walked out the kitchen, out the front doors, into the parking lot and the clown was waiting for me outside. As I found the car i usually use, I saw his face in the mirror as I was unlocking it and I spun round to get stabbed in the chest as it said "I will find you wherever you run". 

And then I woke up and looked at the TV which was on and saw a TV show that had a clown in it which must be why my dream switched to a fun house. 

The funny thing is that the funhouse and the clown were like replicas of my dream which made me want to play this even more. 

Wow, that's so cool! Thanks a lot for sharing! I love how dreams can be so terrifying and so silly at the same time. 


I have REALLY high hopes for this game, and that doesn't happen as much as I'd want, most indie games are either shit or left behind. This game might be the best playing and best looking game I've seen since p.t. I really really hope this game gets the attention it deserves. One thing I'd recommend is light sources and how they help and hurt the player, kind of like amnesia did with their lanterns. But that's all I have to say but please don't stop working on this, take breaks if you must but to many people depart to quickly.

Hey Brutaldoomguy! 

Wow, that is so great to hear, thank you! P.T. was a really huge inspiration for me, as it demonstrated just how immersive a horror experience could be, and that games can still be absolutely terrifying. I wanted to tap into that. I'm stoked to hear that it's working. Anyway, I'm shaping my life around being able to make this game, and many beyond. So I promise you this is not going to be the next Allison Road. I currently have no interest in getting this game published, but instead trying to do everything organically. That way I don't have to depend on other people to ensure that this game happens, only myself. 

As far as light sources go, this is one thing that I decided from day one would not be in the game. A handheld light source is a comfort, and it's something the player can control. Not giving the player a light source forces them to wander into places without truly knowing what's there, and that's the whole idea. I admit, the alpha demo is too dark, and that's something getting fixed. I'll make sure that the game is plenty visible enough to navigate without a light source, but there won't be any point where the player gets a flashlight or lantern. No matter how badly people want it :) I have a very clear vision for this game moving forward, and I'm really excited to release the next update. Stay tuned! And thanks again for the encouragement!

You're very much welcome, and yeah I guess not having a light source would take away from the immersion

The moment is upon us! I've finally finished this awesome demo! Funny enough, I came back into the game worried i wasn't gonna find the exit and!... I found it in 8 minutes... lmao. Some more feedback for the finished demo at the end for ya Matt! Hope you enjoy! 

I can't wait for the full version of this game! Thank you so much for the experience! 

Thanks so much for posting!

Great job on the game! Clowns are one of my worst fears, and you made it creepy, eerie, and most importantly scary. The game did not dissapoint in the slightest!!


Thank you for posting!

So excited for the full version of this. As usual, I love your style. Your one of my top favorite Indie Developers. I honestly can't wait to see what else is in store for us.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm so happy to hear that I'm in your top! So one thing that might help you is the gamma control. I need to set a higher default for this game, because it's generally too dark for people's monitors. If you're willing to give it another try, definitely turn up the gamma in the in-game pause menu. Being able to see will allow you to notice other corridors and passageways in the game. If you've had your fill with one play, I understand. But if you're interested in giving it another go, definitely crank up that gamma and go exploring! You can beat it, and all you have to do is find your way out. Again, thanks so much for playing! I'm always stoked to see more videos from you :)

Also, it's funny you accidentally called me ratt, because my "pseudonym" is Ratt Meeves.

I was scared of this game haha

Thank you for posting!

Well I screamed like a small child so it's safe to say you achieved your goal! This has made me want the finished product even more and I'm looking so forward to it!

very interesting! I hate horror games usually, they tend to be hollow and vapid. I dig this though, sent out a tweet and a community post on Youtube to let people know about it. 

Good luck with the future development! :)

Very cool and creepy. Love the atmosphere here and the layout of the nightmare world was pretty disconcerting. I'm not usually too afraid of clowns myself but even without seeing them much, this game has a pretty strong effect.

Got to the end, but I think I just got lucky :)

Fun as always Matt! It was fun and looking for future updates of the game. Scary stuff not going to lie, with amazing atmosphere as usual! 

You know what I just realized? This is a very similar atmosphere to what my brain tells me is going on when I have to turn off the lights and turn my back to the darkness.

That's a very special feeling :)

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