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Had so much fun playing this game, thank you for the great experience!

I wasn't able to finish the game (If there was a genuine finish/ending) but I had a lot of fun regardless, made a video on it too!

I commented on your video. I'd love to watch you give it a second shot, if you're down!

Definitely a future idea, it was a fun game!

Yes, I loved it, but I was on a time restraint with my video because dinner was almost ready. 

Hate it when that happens! Thanks for posting :)

What is the ending supposed to mean, like what's the story???  I NEED TO KNOW, PLEASE TELL ME!!!

I got the riddle and the street signs, but I missed the bed lumps!

Matt as you know im a huge fan of your work because the works are always awesome, this is a great additions to your roster of games, i loved it because of the silent hill creepy feeling and the deep message the game conveys. Great Job!

Being a huge Silent Hill fan I decided to take a look at your game. I was very pleased & enjoyed my time with the game. The creature was very original & had it's own charm/scare to it & the constant feeling of dread of it being around the corner brought back memories of my time back in that restless town. 

Played this for a random indie horror game and Matt, let me tell ya. YOU are going places in gaming. This game literally kinda shocked me with how much i enjoyed it. It was VERY Silent Hill and i adored that about it. The monster was creepy and twitchy (Very Nice) And the gameplay was pretty fun. I didn't so much like the slidey movement, but i felt like a drift car zooming around corners though, so I can let that slide. For a game made in a week, it was great! I give all the feedback and criticism you could ever need in my video below, as well as a message for you personally, starting at 18:30 until the end of the video, and i left ya a lil some some, in the description as well. Hope you enjoy my playthrough and i'm looking forward to your future games! 

Awesome game, Matt! The atmosphere was crazy and I always felt like the enemy was basically breathing down my neck! Two Lines starts at 9:48 in the video.

Thanks so much for posting!


So happy to hear that!


Thanks for posting! Great video, my friend.

Gave the story my best shot! Well, you’ve seen it already so here’s the vid! Boop:

Thanks, Jayski! You've got the most accurate analysis yet! Again, amazing job.

Yay! Thank you!!

That was a very cool game, I really enjoyed the premise of ascending the outer buildings and going across the rooftops.

As for the street names you have Bachman Street, with Richard Bachman being a writing alias for Stephen King. A street named Bradbury is also in your game, who wrote Fahrenheit 451. 
Silent Hill has the street names: Bradbury, Bachman, Bloch, Ellroy, Finney, Levin, Midwich, and Matheson. 
Coincidence, I think not! :)

Congratulations, that's the easter egg! Glad you enjoyed it.  Were you able to beat it by chance? The ending is super important to the game, and in my opinion makes the game significantly better if you can figure it out. Either way, great eye, and thanks for playing!


Did you update the game or did I do something wrong because I only saw the killer ones and then he didn't bother me at all... I just kind of walked to the end lol. Anyway, it was atmospheric game, left many questions too!

The game was designed in such a way that you are relentlessly pursued by something that wants to kill you, but it follows at a constant rate. So you can potentially beat the game without even seeing it, but it is extremely rare. You're the first to beat the game without even seeing it, and I'm actually impressed! How well you navigate the environment determines how often you encounter the creature, and many have given up from getting killed too much. You seemed to have a bit of serendipitous luck, and went straight to the end. If you want to get a more normal experience, I'm sure just playing one more time would be very different. If you'd like a challenge, there's a really important detail you missed at the end, so the questions you have can be answered with a second playthrough. Totally up to you, but I highly recommend it! There's a very specific story that took place, and your role is to discover what that is. If you don't figure it out, then you've essentially run from point A to point B. Either way, thank you so much for playing, and I'm sorry your experience was such an anomaly!

Ooohh, that explains a stuff! But that's pretty neat that I played game without seeing it, even tho I waited it a lot too.... :D
Maybe I try this game by myself, i'm curious to see what this thing is what I missed, also would love to see killer chasing me finally. But I think I have understand bit more of this game, but can't say yet much, before I replay this! Thank you so much for answering.

Im not quite done with this game, but I wont lie and say Im not scared shitless either.

I cant wait to learn the hidden truths of the game


Thanks so much for posting! I love your honesty. Can't wait to watch you finish it and hear your theories!

This game spooked the hell out of me lmao. Very creepy and atmospheric (Horror done right). Will definitely have to try to solve the puzzle. Really damn good!

Haha I think I've discovered a new horror subgenre: stair simulator. Thanks a bunch for posting. I'm happy to hear you consider this to be a proper horror game. Stoked to watch you continue the nightmare!

I had fun trying this game out!  I liked the idea behind this and enjoyed trying to beat it! 


What's up Cmod? Thanks for playing! Love your videos.

You're welcome!  I thought the game was clever!  I'm glad you like the videos!  :D  

I enjoyed this so much. Looking forward to nemesis. I hope I sort of figured it out. There was a slight glitch at the end for me. I played through again and it went fine. That ambience got to me when I played the second time around. So much I died. lol 

That's great to hear! Actually, you did a really excellent job of trying to figure it out. Most people don't even notice the pregnancy test, and then have no idea what's going on. You figured most of it out, and I don't remember you saying anything that wasn't correct. You even figured out the easter egg. Really, all that's left is to try to put together the pieces in a specific order that tells the story. It's pretty linear, so once you line it up, it should come to you. It may help to know that it's you in the tub, and you're telling yourself "You know that you deserve this". Hopefully all of that should spark some ideas. If you have any more questions, or if you think you figure it out, I'm happy to talk through it with you. And that was a really strange glitch at the end that I haven't seen happen to anyone else. Not sure why that happened, but I'll look into it. Thanks so much for playing! Lastly, I just wanted to say that your thumbnail for the video is very well designed, and is the best I've seen yet!

holy shit this game was fucking awsome!

Wow, thank you so much for the enthusiasm! I really enjoyed your video. Thanks for playing and hyping me up! If you want to get a sneak peek at NEMESES, you can follow my instagram @NEMESEShorror

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey, you got pretty close! You started off great with the business trip and canceled flight. But what I think you missed is the fact that there were two bodies in the bed :) You could even just watch your own video with that information, and you might just have it. Also, it's imperative that you know what a positive/negative pregnancy test looks like, or you'll miss that detail too. You're on the right track, but not quite there. Keep guessing, I'm happy to talk with you along the way. And thanks again for playing, I really loved your video!

I think he become faster slowly Incredible work dev 5/5 ;))

Thank you! That was a fun video, you really had some close encounters there!

Hahaha yes bro...I liked you game please keep them coming :)) 

Hello mate I went to 2. town then road splited 2 way I choosed right way but when I go from right way I fell from stairs but it was looking good 

I think you downloaded an earlier version where I forgot to take out jumping. Sorry about that! I've fixed it since then. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it nevertheless. I encourage you to play it again and beat it, if you can!

This was an interresting game

ugliest face ive made screaming!!! wasnt super scary but great atmosphere and ambience!! loking forward to nemeses!! also if theres an update there should be a "hard" mode that has 2 monsters and it be randomly generated!! 

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Cool game the monster freaked me out lol 

Thanks a lot for playing! I know the game is pretty confusing, but I promise you kept your kidneys! If you're curious about the story, I highly recommend playing again on your own time and really analyzing those last two rooms. Everything you need to know is there, and there really is an actual story to figure out. Either way, thanks for making a video!

Fun game I got scared, I got the Silent Hill vibe in fact I think that is very similar to Silent Hill lol

Loved the video, thanks for playing!

(2 edits)

the fact that people can't easily figure out the riddle/Easter egg/story, is honestly the mark of a well written story in my eyes: it's not obvious if you just blast through the game. Just food for thought on future projects; maybe folks will figure this stuff out sooner or later than expected, but always keep it clever. 

I continue to watch these indie horror games because of the potential narratives and themes that can come from it, as well as the mechanics and clever use of assets that some folks manage to get right. I feel this is a potential diamond in the rough developer, so imma keep an eye out for future projects from them. 

P.s. yes I know I haven't bought a physical copy of the game(s), I don't really play many games myself tbh, but just my two cents that his stuff is worth looking into. 

P.p.s. the name/phrase Nemesis game is not the easiest google/YouTube search... You would be surprised just how many things have named their property nemesis lol...

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! I greatly appreciate it. You're right, perhaps I'm just a little too anxious for someone to figure it out, though there is no one person who just about nailed it, now. I guess it's just hard to see everyone try and beat it as quickly as possible so they can squeeze it into another "3 Scary Games" video, meanwhile missing all the important details I worked hard to implement. What was meant to be a deep, thought-provoking game just comes across as another run-from-the-monster game. I suppose that's to be suspected if I upload it to Nevertheless, there are certainly others like me who will get really curious, and not quit until they overturn every last stone. 

Anyway, I really appreciate your encouragement, and the optimism for my games. I promise you will never see anything subpar from me, because I would never release something I didn't consider great by my own standards. That is, of course, with the exception being game jam games, but even for those, I aim to release something of quality that could pass for taking longer than a week to make. Hopefully that shows.

Lastly, the bigger project is actually called NEMESES, which is the plural of nemesis. I understand most people don't know that there's a difference between the two, nor does anyone pronounce it properly, but I'm ok with that. Currently, I'm being intentionally cryptic about it, so it is a bit difficult to find, and there is very little available to see about it. That will change soon. If you're curious to know more about it, feel free to follow @NEMESEShorror on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks again!


I was so excited to play, I just went at it right away!

So here's what I've got for my interpretation (spoilers):
First of all, the streets are all named the same as Silent Hill, which itself is references to influential sci-fi and horror writers from the west that played a big part in Silent Hill's story.

As for the story of the game itself: The area you start in actually represents the "other world" of your own guilty creation. You awaken in the bathtub in this personal hell, and have to "descend upwards" back into reality. This climbing of the stairs up into the upside down world (which is actually the real world) is representing your character diving back into his memory and trying to remember what lead them to being trapped here. Upon traveling up to the room where it all happened, the protagonist discovers his briefcase. He was a businessman, set to go on a trip to Chicago. However, he gets to the airport and finds his flight is cancelled. All the better, I guess, he has more time to spend with his significant other. She's pregnant, you know? He can take some time away from his busy work schedule to spend with her, dote on her. When he walks in, though, he finds her in bed with another man. At this point, he loses control. He's blind with rage. He kills them both, ruthlessly, in the very bed he shared with her. He goes to the bathroom, instinctively washing off the blood from the scene. He sees the pregnancy test, reminded both of his future with her, his future child, but also how he's taken it all away. He's killed all of them. He's washed over with guilt and decides to take his own life. He overdoses on the pills, hoping to fall asleep forever. Gets into the bath, marks his arms with two lines with a razor, bleeding out into the warm water. As he drifts away into the release of death, he wakes up in his own guilty prison of his own design. Unable to run from his own knowledge about becoming a murderer, he's doomed to relive his mistake over and over. Repeating to himself, "you know you deserve this."

Amazing review and analysis. Check your video, I left a comment response. Let's talk!

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I didn't make a video but this is what I think it's about.  2 lines of life is the pregnancy test and 2 lines of death is the suicide (pills and razor).  What I don't understand is the blood in the bed (it looks like there is a body there).  Did she die in the bed (miscarriage or he killed her) then he killed himself?  Looks like they were going on a trip and couldn't go (two lines), found out she was pregnant and either she miscarried or he killed her, then killed himself.  Easter Egg is Silent Hill.

Nailed the riddle and the easter egg! Great job. It was definitely you in the tub. However, you might want to check the bed again, and count :) The canceled ticket on the floor is really important.

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Looks like there are 2 people in the bed.  She got caught cheating and he killed her and him.  They were supposed to go on a trip and it was cancelled by her cheating.  I edited my first comment before I realized you made a comment.    I forgot to say that I loved the game.

So close!! You got the first part right, but notice the dropped briefcase. And the biggest part you're missing is why the protagonist killed himself. You have the information, it just needs to be pieced together to create a sequence of events. But you're 90% there. So glad you loved it! 

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Ok Matt we gotta talk!!! lol this scared me so hard!

Recording Nemeses tomorrow

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)


Woooow, Loved the rusty feel of this game! A bit to labyrinthine for my tastes however overall it was a good experience. I Think having the monster teleport nearby on an infrequent occasion could help keep tension up.

Your game starts at 9:15

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, the game certainly has some kinks to be ironed out. I ran out of time to refine the spawning system, but I plan to do a future update that makes it more intense. Thanks for playing! Your videos are so fun!


This game is good. It is really simple that you have to fellow the path. If you choose wrong you are died. Good Job to make this game ! :)

Thank you! I really enjoyed your video. You're quite the entertainer. At the end, there were some details you missed that serve to tell the story, so you might consider playing it again for fun if you want to try and figure out what happened. Anyway, thanks again! Keep an eye out for more games from me!


SKIP TO 24:03!!!


That was a really cool game. I got so nervous i couldn't even finish it. 

Oh dang! You literally walked right past the place you needed to go 3 times! I know you already made your video, but if you're willing to give it another shot on your own time, I guarantee you could beat it. I'll just give you a hint that you're looking for a place like the building you started in. Either way, I really love that you were so freaked out by it, because that's what I want from my horror games. Thanks for admitting you were scared of it, rather than just quitting and coming up with some excuse why you don't want to play it, haha. If you can manage to find the end, really pay close attention to anything you see around you. It's important! Anway, thanks for the video, I really enjoyed it.


Another great game, got caught up in the maze for a bit due to my panicking lol still looking forward to Nemesis! I think I understood the riddle but not sure. Great work for a weeks time! 

Great video! I really liked your interpretation, but it's not quite what I was going for. There's actually a really important detail you missed in the bathroom. You got half of the riddle right, but the monster has a very different role than what you might think :) The street signs give away the easter egg if you pay close attention to them. If you've got it in you to give it another shot on your own time and really look closely at those details in the apartment, you must just figure it out. Thanks for playing, I always love your videos!


I gave it a go, used my good sense of direction to escape pretty fast and I gave my best (Maybe not so great?) Guess at what the riddle means at the end of the video, I enjoy the overall experience, the sound and antagonist are unique and don't ruin the atmosphere by seeming 'cheap' in the total visual experience. Will be sure to follow your work now.

Thanks for playing! I don't know if you would give it another shot, but you missed a really important detail in the final scene. There is a story being told, but if you just blast through it, it's easy to miss. I highly encourage you to give it another shot, and see if you can piece it together. The story is certainly morbid, but the riddle is not purely about suicide. Just something to consider!

Someone in my comments said the same thing, rip. Had I known what I was doing made it so 'things would happen' and it is irreversible, then I'd have been more thorough, cause NORMALLY I am a VERY VERY thorough person.



Clearly he was twitching with anxiety to kill you!

My flat ass is too fast for'm. *sips tea*


Back at it again!

Thanks for playing!


just played your game and totally remembered your other one ((he keeps me here)) this was good. Defs saw an improvement. Can't wait to upload my video!


Awesome, I can't wait to watch it!


Hey Matt! Another awesomely designed monster and I loved how the game takes a really trippy route leaving more questions which seem to be open for interpretation. That antagonist really took me by surprised, and the music playing while you're outside is perfect for chase scenes. Thanks for releasing this!

Hey there! Thanks fo much for playing. You're very good at pathfinding, and I'm always impressed at how you can find your way through a game without getting killed. If you are interested in playing again on your own time and looking at details to see if you can figure out what the story is, I'd love to hear your theory! You figured out part of it, but there's much more to it, and the riddle at the beginning is there to help you discover what happened. Thanks again for playing! Expect more content like this soon.

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