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This game was created in one week for the 2019 Scream City game jam.

You assume the role of a man in an ominous city, seemingly alone. Though your surroundings seem familiar, you are not sure why, and you must explore the town in search of an answer. 

If you can complete this game, please try to solve the riddle from the opening sequence in a post below. There is also an "easter egg" that some die hard survival horror fans will likely notice.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMatt Reeves
TagsHorror, Survival Horror, ue4, Unreal Engine


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Jogo de Terror do CEIFADOR estilo SILENT HILL - TWO LINES

Thank you so much for playing and posting, I really appreciate it! Sorry for the late reply!

Really nice. An impressive effort considering the timeframe given. The atmosphere was really thick.
One funny thing though is that I cleared the labyrinth on basically my first route, just luck but it made it a bit less tense =P


Thank you! I designed this game with the intent that people would have varying experiences with it. Some people are absolutely terrorized by the monster and just give up, and some people squeak by effortlessly. In fact, one person never even saw this monster, which was absolutely mind boggling, but it's all possible! Either way, glad you made it through and enjoyed it!

When the reaper comes after you and the music with it - incredibly horrifying.  Well done!

Thank you so much for posting!

Really nice game. :) 5/5

Thank you for playing! Glad you're enjoying my games :)

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Ok, I'ma try and keep this as brief long as possible.

This is the second horror game that I've played from you, and while it falls short in some aspects, it more than makes up for it with the story that is told via symbolism and the game's atmosphere and map design. So, first things first, what does this game fall short on? For me, it's just how long it took to complete the game due to map design. (Ironic, huh? Given how I just said that the map design was one of the game's good things, too. Don't worry. I'll explain.) While for the most part, it is my fault it took me so long to beat it, the city is quite literally a maze in some sense. However, I'd like to think it is designed in such a way for a reason, although I fail to understand why.

Now, while the map design is not desirable for those who want a quick 10-minute horror experience, (Unless some random Joe wings it and makes it to the end on his initial path of travel. Couldn't be me. I was running around like a chicken with his head cut off.) it is absolutely elevated when you see what the stairway, the one that initially appears to be The Stairway to Heaven, really leads to. It was just a cool sight to see and felt absolutely surreal. Definitely added to the unsettling atmosphere in its own unique way.

Now, I want to talk about the riddle and the conclusion that I came to/tried to come to. Spoiler alert, I most likely need another explanation for this game, haha.

'Two tender lines, carefully drawn.

Two for life.

Two for death.'

Of course, this is something that cannot be solved if you fail to make it to the end, so unless you want to watch me run around for a good amount of time, dodging homeboy who is trying to ask me how my days been, then I suggest you watch my YouTube video. (I'm not gonna post it here, I don't want to self-promote myself TO THAT EXTENT until I post content that I believe to be my best. I bolded the words above because, technically, I'm still self-promoting, just not to that extent, haha.) Anyway, I found the line: 'Two for life.' to be the most obvious if you actually 'LOOK FOR PINK.' Pregnancy = Life. Pretty self-explanatory, but still told in a symbolic way which is what I like about these games of yours, Matt. However, 'Two for death.' is giving me some trouble. Now, I'm gonna try and put out a few ideas on what I think it means, and you can tell me how close to the bullseye I got. 

Obviously, I believe that the flipped city in the sky is there for a very good reason. While I don't know the reason, I can say that the apartment room that houses your own dead body is one line. And you wondering the city aimlessly is another. The body in the tub is quite simply death in its literal physical form, and you wondering the city aimlessly, lost, and empty is death in its metaphorical sense. (To be honest, I don't 100% understand how to utilize the word 'metaphorical', so if I used it incorrectly, that's why. So, chill. I'm an idiot who can actually think... Yeah.) This theory is a bit dodgy, but I wanted to put it out there.

Second, the two cities themselves. I can't really think of a reasonable theory, but I also can't help but think about how they may tie into the line of the riddle considerably.

Third, the "psycho" that follows you. At the very end of the game, he seemingly kills you twice, as you are obviously already dead at the very start proven by your dead body in the tub. He is a walking symbol of death that haunts and unrelentingly chases you as punishment for what you did. (Hinted by the lines, 'YOU KNOW THAT YOU DESERVE THIS.') You may have tried to run from your mistakes and find an escape through what you thought to be a quick death, but even DEATH won't let you go. Again, a bit of a stretch with this one, too, but whatever.

And that's all I've got. I recorded my gameplay of this, so if you want to see it, do what you will. Like I typed up earlier, I will self-promote to a certain extent, but not so much that I put the video up here. I don't believe my videos are at my best yet. Anyway, another great game, Matt! And like 'He Keeps Me Here', it is a game that doesn't seem too special until you grasp its purpose through the story that is told in a unique and creative fashion. I love it! Big-ups!

(2 edits) (+1)

Great atmosphere, it's very creepy and haunting. An amazing thing that happens sometimes is when you don't see the enemy for a while then suddenly hear the clacking of his footsteps but don't see him. It immediately gave me a sense of panic. Awesome job on that. Also this is one of the few monsters I've seen that legit gave me creeps to look at. My only issue with the game is that it feels a lot like a maze. I'm just not a huge fan of maze games in general though so that's hardly a criticism. Thank you for making it! 

Thanks so much for playing! Dropped you a comment and a sub if you want to check it out!

Hey Matt! What the system requirements of this game. (Note: my friend have a intel hd 3000 and i have a geforce gt 730)

Hi there! You know, I made this for a game jam, so I didn't have much time to optimize or test specifications. There's not a lot going on graphically in this one, so it won't be as intensive as some of my other games, but I honestly can't say how it will run on your specs. It's free though, so you can always give it a shot! Let me know if you or your friend decide to try it out, and if you have any luck!

Was a very environmentally stimulating game! The fog and the sounds really amped up the surrounds and the whole game. The sounds design choice was also good; you can here the shinigami dude walk up to the player, and the player has to dodge them by out-manoeuvring it. I think I broke my shinigami's AI and it didn't follow me after encountering it at the beginning.

The story and imagery that you've put into the game is done insanely well. How the stairs at the end seem like stairs that go up or down, and how the cities are inverted; makes it seem like one is real and the other one is the afterlife. Or one is death and the other is life. The story is pretty well explained in the last part where the player is in the room; there are simple objects that tell a very straightforward story (I think so at least), and it's really well done!

Even the puddles of blood that are left when the player is caught was pretty cool! So yeah, overall, it was a really fun game to play and a game that has so much thought and depth put into it!

Thank you for the kind words, I'm stoked you liked it! Left you a comment on your video :)


Thank you so much for playing!

(3 edits) (+1)

Playing on Linux; I got trapped in the area with the dead body in the tub, the door shut behind me,

I couldn't progress any further.

The monster also didn't come to finish me off!

Had to force close.

Terminal output said something about the monster/killer being out of world bounds, most likely a glitch, will try again.

Thanks for this.

Yes, that's a bug I never got around to fixing. Basically, if you take too long to check the bath tub, the creature hits the kill Z. I had intended to send him to a certain place on the map, but I think it clipped him through the floor, and left him falling :/ This was a jam game, so I left it as-is, with a plan to eventually do a proper remake. Anyway, thanks for letting me know! It's great to have Linux feedback!

Pour les Francophones ! 

Good and Creepy as hell.

Greetings from Germany. :)

Greetings from America! Thank you so much for playing! Man, I really thought you had it on your 3rd attempt. If you can get past the monster and put some distance between him, you have a good chance of making it. Once you get on the rooftops, you want to keep going up as much as you can, and avoid going back to the ground level. I don't know if you'll give it another try or not, but I think you would beat it with another attempt. Anyway, thanks again for playing! Be sure to check out some of my other games. If you want my best, definitely give NEMESES a run!

Great! I loved it! I'm a little behind, but I'm definitely gonna check out the rest of your stuff!

This game right here is what made my skin crawl. i was being chased by Eddy from ed, edd, and eddy. It was a fun experience and to whoever is reading this. YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS!



=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)==)=)=) 100% SERIOUS

This was without a doubt a phenomenal game and quite the experience 馃槺馃槺馃槺

Thank you for this amazing game, can't wait for NEMESES 馃挌


Thank you so much for posting! Can't wait to see more!

i enjoyed this :D very spooky and awsome soundtrack.

This was a great horror game. One of the better ones I have played in awhile!

Thank you so much for posting!

(1 edit)

I have not enjoyed a horror experience as much as this in quite some time, thanks Matt for creating this gem :)

You're welcome! Thank you so much for posting, I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

I really enjoyed thanks for ur creation

Awesome, thank you so much for posting!!

Genius. Loved it. Ending was superb, final and only bit of dialogue at the end, they didn't deserve this you deserve this. Followed me unsettlingly into my dreams last night. So good! Want more. 馃槀


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. My hope is always that my games follow people long after they play them, so that's great to hear. If you want more, I have several other games you can check out on my games page. If you haven't already, definitely give NEMESES a run!

I will do! I have become a big fan. Looking forward from this day onward to more of your work. I love horror games. The only true way to explore horror in all it's elements in my opinon. This is up there with Alan Wake and Silent Hill 2 for me. Amazing job. So glad I found these gems.

Ah man, that is such a high compliment, thank you! Stoked to hear what you think of the others!

plz make for ma

I had a good time running from a good villain while creepy dub step signaled my pending doom. I do wish the ending was different unless I just got the bad one. 

holy shite!! congrats on markiplier playing this game!! its been a while but super proud of your perseverance


I could write a novel about this but I'm going to summarize it into a few paragraphs. This game is nerve-wracking, sinister, uncomfortable, very intense and many other things - all aspects that should make up a horror game. The atmosphere is very ominous and I can tell you are a Silent Hill fan (much respect), yet original at the same time. I know what the full backstory of the game is now and it is captivating. 

However, what strikes me most about this game is the look of punisher's character model and design - he honestly puts any horror character I've seen to shame in terms of scare factor, an absolute monstrosity to gaze upon and he is what terrified me above all. There was nothing worse than not knowing where he was at certain points and then hearing those footsteps! The fact he is mute as well fitted perfectly and added to the terror.

The music fits excellently as well, reminded me of a nigh heart attack that the character would have when becoming aware of what was chasing him. It seamlessly worked while being hunted by what seemed to be the epitome of evil incarnate.

Me and my friend consider this one of the scariest horror games we've every played. I only wish it were longer and had more things to do/explore but nevertheless, Kudos Matt , I certainly look forward to seeing and playing more of your work :)


Thank you so much for giving such an eloquent, in-depth review! It means a lot to me when someone takes the time to look more into my games and analyze them below surface level. There's always more there to dig up for those who want more than just a scary experience.

I'm so glad you guys find this to be one of the scariest games ever! My dream is to do just that, so I must be on the right track :) Thank you for appreciating the little nuances that collectively make the experience what it is. Making the Punisher was probably my favorite part, especially when I tested out his up close, shaky animation. It even terrified me, haha. I'm glad your experience went as intended; a lot of people just beeline it for the exit, and then complained that they didn't see him again. Taking more time to explore, and just having the Punisher constantly stalking you is what I was going for.

I agree with you that this game needs more to do. Since I made it for a jam, I decided to leave it as-is to maintain its integrity. I'm considering a remaster at some point though, because it would be fun to reimagine certain things without the time limitation. The goal would be to make it look better, be more fun to play, and definitely scarier :)

Thanks again for the lovely review! If you haven't checked out NEMESES yet, that's my bigger project, and you might even find it scarier!


No problem at all man, I'm excited to hear you may be considering a remaster which would be amazing :) Also I'll certianly check out Nemeses soon, just been busy with college and shit but it's a guarantee - especially having played this and your other games too!


Awesome! Stoked to hear your thoughts.

Game is very good. I'm doesn't see so good psychedelic horror. And please make this game for ANDROID!!!

Glad you enjoyed it! We'll see about making it mobile. I'm just getting into mobile development, but I haven't had a good experience with first person games on phones. Definitely possible for the future though!

2 years passed so quickly. I'd like to see your future works, thanks for reply! 

It's really scary, I mean, so many stairs, oof...


Hey, watch it Mr.... if you want to start a fake rivalry with me, just remember you have more games posted :)

But imagine climbing so many stairs in real life, and there's a monster chasing you too, so you must climb, that's too scary for my legs


Easy leg day!

Very Very Well Done gave me the creeps and made me think alot. Very well made game can't wait to play others from you!

I was lucky the character glitched ! but this is a fantastic game with a really dark hidden meaning (i do not know the full meaning but i have most of it right so far) a must play for sure!

You've done it again! One of the creepiest games I've played! your character design is flawless when it comes to genuinely creepy horror. I didn't find the hidden meaning whatsoever, but still thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough! Here's the video: 

Usually I hate getting lost in mazes, but the atmosphere and the chase, knowing you can't slow down or stop to think about where you're going without getting caught, really intensified the game for me. 

Saw you on Alpha Beta Gamer's channel a while back, so I just had to try this game, first things first I know this game was made for a game jam a year ago so this game is a old project but I genuinely did enjoy your game for what it had especially the maze-like structure of the map, it just made me a bit stressed out, that demon who came chasing after me had me on my best efforts to just finish the game (That dude just freaks me out), the atmosphere just makes me feel uneasy and kinda on my toes throughout the whole gameplay all in all I think this would be one of my most favorite indie horror games, I would like to see more of your future projects so I'm going to give you a follow.

Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate that. So stoked you enjoyed it that much! I have a few other horror projects you can check out, but I definitely recommend playing NEMESES if you want my best. Thanks for playing, and I hope to see more from you!

Found this game here


Thank you for posting this!

(1 edit) (+1)

Either Matt is a NIN fan or im going crazy xD
This is a great little game. took me about half an hour to find my way round this aMAZEing place. Really quite creepy, wasnt expecting it to make me quite so tense at times. Loved trying to work out the hidden meaning. Pretty sure ive worked it out or at least rather close to what its meant to be.
Had a few frame drops but think thats more down to my pc being on its last legs. Not much else to say without potential spoilers for anyone reading this. All i can say is, another well put together game. Really loving your content. Keep it up :) 

Thank you so much for playing! I left a comment on your video :)

It said''This program can't be opened'',so I can't play the game.Could you help me?

You'll need an extraction program like Winrar. Then you'll extract the file with it. From there, go into the folder, and there should be a file called "CITY". Run that, and you should be good!

This was a great game!  Very simple but with a creative story (if you bother to find out what the story is).  The developer does hint at the fact that he actually tried to make a story for this game.  The monster was also creepier than I thought it would be.  Lastly, some people complain about the maze portion of the game, but I don't feel that's appropriate.  It wasn't that difficult.  You just need to keep your eyes open :) Great job!

(1 edit)

just made a vid of your game ... wow what a ending love it! ALL of it..... would like to hear what was said in the end though I was too WoWed to hear properly 

Thank you so much for playing! Sorry for the late reply. Been a super busy month. I really enjoyed your video. At the end of the game, the voice is saying "You know that you deserve this". Thanks again!

(2 edits)

Hmmm. Ok. Two lines. (this was my train of thought). I'm in purgatory. Heaven & Hell. One line up. One line down. Two Lines. So started going up to see the road signs are now upside down to suggest even going up is actually going down. Found a murder scene in which I killed everyone and then myself to which the birdman hookhand thing comes in to send me back to the start so I can't leave Purgatory. Turns out all this was totally wrong but even getting it all wrong the game was still extremely fun to play knowing your being chased and even seeing the thing chasing you on the stairs below or across from you. You just have to keep moving and that was very cool. Overall I really liked this even if I didn't get the story. Well done Matt. Another winner... :)

Thanks so much, Kev! Yeah, the story is very cryptic. If you wanted to see a video that does a great job of explaining it, watch JayskiBean's playthrough. Anyway, I'm really stoked you had fun! That's the idea :)



This was a lot of fun.  I got a bit frustrated at the runway maze in the second part, but knowing you're being stalked makes it more tense and encourages you to just keep moving.

The WHAM moment at the end was great, and a good example of powerful minimalistic storytelling.

Glad you had fun! Yeah, it certainly turned out more mazy than I had wanted, but that's one of the results of the time constraint. Did you by chance figure the ending out? I'd be really curious to hear your thoughts. There's a lot to figure out at the end, and most people don't get it, or they only get a small piece of it and think it's a really simple story. Let me know what you picked up, and we can talk through it!

ay bro! i love ur new nemeses game and let me guess its kind of like dark deception

I suppose there could be some similarities between NEMESES and Dark Deception, but in terms of gameplay and story, they are almost nothing alike. Stay peeled!

(3 edits)


My initial (see edit below) interpretation was that the "right-side-up" world was first moments after death, literally leaving  the world behind.  The...something...chasing after the character felt at first representative of not wanting them to move on. In retrospect, it felt a lot like Jacob's Ladder, but that might also be due to the street names from Silent Hill and how Jacob's Ladder influenced that series so much.

So getting to the "upside-down" world at first felt like ascension to a higher plane or something, but after finding my way back into the building, that changed.  I remember feeling like it was part 1 - Escaping and part 2 - Confronting.  I felt like the character had to return to his death to confront what he did and ultimately move on, whatever that entails.

The weirdest thing I thought after playing was wondering if the creature was trying to chase you away from the end, or into it,

May not have been the meaning you were going for, but that's what I took away from it.

EDIT:  Something was niggling me, so I went back and watched the ending again, and suddenly noticed something that literally gave me goosebumps (and still is as I type)

It was a pregnancy test.  Two lines.  Holy crap.  Wow.  I'm going to try to go back and play it myself again so I can look around the last couple rooms some more.  It looks like a murder/suicide love triangle maybe, but I obviously overlooked a lot of stuff when I played.

I love hearing from fellow deep thinkers! Thank you for sharing, especially in such great detail. I would say that you were getting there with the original post, and then the edit took you very close. Definitely go back and look closely at the details in the last two rooms. If you follow them in order, I think you'll be able to piece it all together. If you can tell me a sequence of events, or what you think happened, I'll fill in the rest.

I'm so happy to hear that you got goosebumps from my game, especially after your first time through it! Effective storytelling is only as good as one's ability to comprehend it. And I made the story pretty cryptic. But I'd like to think that the end result, though only understood by a few, is more rewarding to discover than a story completely accessible to the masses. I made this game for people like me, so it's always great to see responses like this, and know that those people are playing my games. Bigger games, and deeper stories are in the works as we speak!

Again, thanks for sharing. Really looking forward to hearing a final interpretation.

This game is the last game I played and I gotta say... I did get a little bored and disappointed with this game.

I did, although, see your conversation with someone with similar opinion about this game and understand why this game is like it. I do, in fact, not enjoy mazes because it's annoying and tedious. Which is why I did not play the whole thing.

Totally understandable! I get that some people just don't have a strong internal compass, and those tend to be the people who get lost quickly, and as such, don't like maze games. Really, the fact that it's a maze is more of a means to an end, and had I had more time, I would have developed it more. Anyway, given that you're into Silent Hill, I highly suggest at least watching someone beat it, because there is much more to the game, and there's just no way to know that if you don't even get past the first segment. If you're curious, look up JayskiBean's playthrough. He figured out most of the story, and then I left a comment on his video that explains everything. Anyway, thanks for playing! I appreciate you posting it.

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